Start-Stop-Continue Retrospective

Is your team bored with the way you do your retrospective meeting? Is it always the same after every sprint? Then why don´t you try something new?

I recently found a nice article from Mike Cohn about a format of sprint retrospectives, which I haven´t heard before – the Start-Stop-Continue retrospective.

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The 5 levels of team dysfunctions

I recently attended a scrum master training, where we were discussing the five dysfunctions of a team. This model has been introduced by Patrick Lencioni and it explores the dynamics of teams. The model describes in a pyramid the five dysfunctions of teams and offers solutions to help teams perform better.

The model of the 5 team dysfunctions gave me a couple of “AHA” moments and I immediately tried to find out, at which level my team stands. If you are not already familiar with this pyramid, then I bet you can find some useful insights about team dynamics.

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How to choose a reference task

A reference task is a certain task, which has a fixed amount of story points assigned, and which is used as a reference point to estimate other tasks. But how do you choose such a reference task? This post should give you a method and some ideas, how you can find a good reference task.

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